Game in Japanese

Password Game!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab review!

1. Split the kids into groups of about 5/6 kids. Move the desks into little islands.

2. Give them a topic (e.g. fruits, sports, foods, animals etc.)

3. The first team says a word from that category (e.g. "Apple " for fruits). If they can do it they get a point.

4. Go to the next group and ask them for another word from the same topic.

5. If they repeat a word that's been already said, or can't think of one, you move onto the next team and they gain no points!

6. Repeat from 4

7. When all the words in the category have been used then change to a different topic.

Sometimes saying " any English OK!" is a good topic. Also try maybe giving 1 point for an easy word (e.g. "cat") or two for a difficult word (e.g. elephant).


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