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Alphabet Chases

Target English: Quick review or filler
Target Level: Advanced Elementary to Adult

I'm not too keen on teaching ABCs until your kids can speak a lot of English. Once they have confidence in speaking, you can then you can introduce phonics and have some fun with this game!
It's a great little time filler with lots of variations.

1. Give each student a piece of paper.

2. On the left hand side they have to write down a word that starts with each letter.

3. When they get to the end, they go through and do it again with different words!


1. Put the kids in teams.

2. The first person from each team comes to the front and writes down a word beginning with A.

3. This kid sits down and the next kid in the group comes up and writes down a word starting with the next letter in the alphabet

4. Repeat from 1

5. When the time is up, give each team one point for each word, or 2 points for cool or long words


1. Put the kids in a circle

2. The first person says a word beginning with the first letter of the alphabet.

3. The next person says a word beginning with the next letter in the alphabet

4. Repeat from 3

That's it, really simple! See how many times you can go through the alphabet! You can also have more fun with more advanced groups (or drunken adult friends) by playing this to themes such as "Disney words" or "Star Wars words" - at least Star Wars is one theme where the letter "X" is easy! Can you do the full Star Wars alphabet without looking at the list on this page?


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