Teachers' Questions: Printing Big Flash Cards

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Q: Hi Richard. Can I download the phonics pictures to make BIG flashcards? If so, how on earth do I do it?

Thanks for the email and a good question! The phonics cards are set up to be A4, which is usually big enough. But if you want to go further it depends on your printer settings. When you click on the phonics card and the "print box" pops up, select "options" ( it may be called something else) and see if there is an option to make them bigger. If it's a bigger printer then there should be no problem, or there may be an option to print out the sheets as say 4 A4 sheets that you can then stick together!

The good news is as that flashcards are stored in "flash" format it means however big you make them ( right up to A0!) they'll always be crisp and really good quality!

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