Game in Japanese

Blindfold Treasure Hunt

by Drew B

Target Grade: Elementary
Target English: Directions (Up, Down, Left, Right, Stop, Turn Around)

This is a game for practicing the general directions and movement terms.

1. Split the class into two teams. I only have experience with small classes, so I usually have, at most, two teams of 10.

2. Lead the teams outside of the room and have them make single file lines with the first person in each line standing just at the front of the room.

3. Pull out a toy (stuffed Yoshi, stuffed Slime, etc.) and tell them that you will hide it somewhere in the room.
4. Only one person from each team is allowed into the room at a time.
5. Have the front two hide their eyes while you hide the toy.
6. Put it on top of a desk, under a chair, between some books, or basically wherever.
7. The kids should be blindfolded and told to enter the room.
8. The rest of the team (if a small amount of students), or two or three designated students from each team yell out instructions for their team's hunter.
9. The first team to find the treasure gets a point!
10. Make sure that EVERYBODY gets a turn at both being a hunter and a direction-giver.

Feel free to use creative places to hide the toy. You can put it in your hand and walk in a circle, put it outside of the room, or even on the homeroom teacher's head!

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