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Genki English Vol. 10

Spice up your Christmas with Genki English vol. 10 - available right now!

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All the vol. 10 lessons are also in the full Download Pack.
Vol. 10 contains 29 amazing Audio Tracks with audio Mini Lessons, Songs and Karaoke versions of the following themes:

* Gingerbread House
* Let's build a snowman
* What colour is Christmas?
* Christmas presents?
* Happy New Year
* Get Well Soon
* Let's build a house
* Trick or Treat
* Apple Bobbing

+ Trick or Treat Scary Versions!

Full MP3 Audio Track List:

01 Apple Bobbing Mini Lesson
02 Apple Bobbing Song
03 Apple Bobbing Karaoke

04 Trick or Treat Mini Lesson
05 Trick or Treat Fun Mix Song
06 Trick or Treat Karaoke

07 Let's build a house Mini Lesson
08 Let's build a house Song
09 Let's build a house Karaoke

10 Gingerbread House Mini Lesson
11 Gingerbread House Song
12 Gingerbread House Karaoke

13 Let's build a snowman Mini Lesson
14 Let's build a snowman Song
15 Let's build a snowman Karaoke

16 What colour is Christmas? Mini Lesson
17 What colour is Christmas? Song
18 What colour is Christmas? Karaoke

19 Where are the Christmas presents? Mini Lesson
20 Where are the Christmas presents? Song
21 Where are the Christmas presents? Karaoke

22 Happy New Year! Mini Lesson
23 Happy New Year! Song
24 Happy New Year! Karaoke

25 Get well soon! Mini Lesson
26 Get well soon! Song
27 Get well soon! Karaoke

Funky Bonus Tracks:

28 Trick or Treat Scary Mix Song
29 Trick or Treat Scary Mix Karaoke

(WARNING: Track 28 is VERY scary!)

But it's not only audio tracks, you also have the funky PC / Mac software for each theme!

Vol. 10 Pronunciation Guide
Talking Words Page. Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced. Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure.

Vol. 10 Words 2

Talking Picture Cards: Here you have all 8 of the vocab words on screen at once. You can still move over them to hear them pronounced, and it is a life saver for classroom games. Plus if you use a projector in class, you won't have to carry around all the heavy picture cards!

Vol. 10 Mini Lesson
Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director", the kids become the center stage stars! Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

Vol. 10 Song
Then the song complete with lyrics and illustrations! A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head. And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there.

Vol. 10 Game
All the themes also have funky games get the kids to race against each other! You could even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real practise with each other.

Vol. 10 Karaoke
And to finish off you have the Karaoke Versions!

The music tracks will work fine on any CD or MP3 player, and Windows 7, XP, Vista or Mac OSX is recommended for the software section. It should work fine on older machines, maybe just a little slower.
If your machine can handle the phonics quizzes on this site, then you should be OK!

Go on, buy it today!
Instant Satisfaction: as an mp3 & software download for $49.99
Or in the full Download Pack

Readers' Comments

Another fantastic CD, Richard. My kids are going to love it! My personal favorites are the scary Halloween song, and What Colour Is Christmas? Thank you VERY MUCH from me and my classes! - Cathy

Richard this is a FANTASTIC CD!! It's so bright, colorful and cheery. I just adore the graphics. I think the gingerbread house is really great graphics wise, of course I love them all! Really super good job Richard! Bravo!! (cheers and applause) - Carol

This is such a great vol. I like the background music during the games. The graphics are amazing. The games are all so different and enjoyable. "Get Well Soon" and "Happy New Year" are both short but really catchy and contain such valuable content. "Trick or treat" looks so good with all the black!! Thank You Richard for yet another amazing creation. Great!! - Flossy

Wow, I love it. I especially like "Trick or Treat" and I am going to use it in my upcoming classes - Kristin

Thank you for making another great CD, Richard!! - Yumiko

Wow, it's like an early Christmas present! All the songs are very colourful and really exciting. Thank you very much Richard. Happy Halloween!!! - Dan

First of all thank you. You really outdone yourself again. The graphics and voice-overs are all brilliant.
Well done Richard! - Stanton

Great CD! It is a wonderful sample of your materials without having to buy the whole set. The videos are always a plus but I really like the ones on this CD. They tell a story which is much easier to do via video than flashcards. - Gumby

Man, this is just so beautiful, or better to say magic.I must admit, I didn't really like the "What color is Christmas" song in the testing, but watching this, it almost makes me cry. I agree with gumby, this will be a CD also for people who don't study English. You should make a market at some Christmas market in Germany. I think you could sell lots.Baby Monkey just fits in so perfectly. I love it. I was wondering how you would design the "Get well soon" song. It is super cute. - Margit

One word... fantastic! - Kobe Kid

Go on, buy it today!
Instant Satisfaction: as an mp3 & software download for $49.99
In the full Download Pack