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Let's build a house

Target Language: parts of a House, "need" + some imagination!
Target Grade: Elem to Junior High 1
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Click the house parts, hear them talk!
Let's build a house
by Richard Graham

Let's build a house
(let's build a house)
Let 's build a house
(let's build a house)
With some windows
and a door,
a roof
and some walls,
Let's build a house
Let's build a house

First we need some windows
(Windows, windows)
Then we need a door
(Door, door)
Next we need a roof
(Roof, roof)
And we need some walls.
(Walls, walls)

(Repeat chorus)

Next we need a garden.
(Garden, garden)
And we need a pool.
(Pool, pool)
Then we need a chimney
(Chimney, chimney)
And we need you!
(You, you!)

(Repeat chorus)

With a garden and a pool, and a chimney and you.
Let's build a house
Let's build a house.

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Building blocks are always popular. And the first question is usually "OK, what shall we build?" That was the origin of this song, but the lesson plan has evolved into much more.

How to teach...

This song is a little different to the others and it's a fantastic exercise in getting the kids using their imaginations.

Part A - All together now ...

1. Write the phrase "My new house" on the top of the board.
It doesn't matter if the kids can't read, it's just there as a visual anchor. Have it translated so the children understand what you are doing.

2. Next ask them, again with translations, "So what do we need to build the house?"

3. Hopefully one child will come up with one thing. For example it might be a door or a window or something completely crazy!

4. Get the kid to draw it nice and big, and colourfully, on the board.

5. Teach the kids how to say this in English.

6. Ask "What else do we need?" and repeat from step 3.

After a while you'll have a very funky looking house on the board that everyone can admire. Run through all the English again. Take a digital camera shot of it if you like!

Part B - My own house

Now give the kids the House Imagination Sheet. They have to come up with their own original new house! You choose to either do it in groups or individually. You could just give the kids a blank sheet of paper, but the imagination sheet speeds things up a lot as there is at least something to start with.

Part C - Confidence building

At the end of the class, or maybe in the next class, we want the kids to be able to present about their house. In order to get them confident enough to do this we use the song.

You can get this song in the Teacher's Set

Simply teach the song acapella without the music using the A4 picture cards or the animation at the top of this page if you have a computer in class. The key, as usual, is to gesture out each word as you say it.

Once the kids have got the hang out it, bring in the music really loud and the kids will love it, getting used to singing in big loud voices!

Part D - Say it out loud!

The final stage is to get the kids to come to the front and tell everyone about their own new house. Big loud voices are the key here. This might run over into the next class, but is a very important part.

Then you can sing the song again and if you have time have a look at ...

The Picture Book

Build a house

There's a nice little twist at the end of this one!

Any other ideas on how to do this theme? Please write them below!


Readers' Comments

Great addition to a gingerbread house making session - by Ann,

You can get this song in the Teacher's Set

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