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Alphabet dot to dot!

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Dot-to-dots are a traditional children's game. For the Genki English worksheets pack I decided to include some "alphabet dot-to-dots". Here, instead of the usual method of joining numbers, you join letters of the alphabet! I then got the idea "why not do a web version, where you can hear the letters spoken?". So here it is!

Now I don't usually condone teaching the alphabet to primary school kids in Japan as I believe the time could be much wiser spent practising real spoken English! But sometimes teachers do like to teach this, so this is for them!

A good way to practise is for the kids to play around on their own. When they get bored, put the kids in groups, and have a race to see who can do it the fastest! Either have everyone on different machines at the same time, or use a stopwatch to time each group on one computer!
Anyway, let me know how you got on!

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