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How much English to use in class?

One topic that has come up quite a lot recently is that of how much English and how much of the kids' native language to use in class. It's quite an important point, and one that a lot of people have opinions about. The simple answer is...... it depends on your situation!

My personal view, taken from quite a lot of experience, is that if you have the time (e.g. at an hour everyday then it may be possible to do it all in English.
However, if you are teaching in Elementary School (especially in Japan) where you only see the kids once a week, once a month (or even less!) then using the kids' native language is very useful for explanations, especially games. The reason being that it takes a lot longer to explain a game in English than the kids native tongue, and for me I'd much rather have that time spent as game time, i.e. when the kids are speaking!

I also find that at first it's much easier to motivate the kids in their native language rather than English, and motivation is so important in what we do!

"Use Japanese as little as possible, but as much as you need"

But what do you think? Please put your views up on the Ideas & Discussion board, there are some great gems of information on there already, why not add some more!

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