Teachers' Questions: High Energy

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Q: I've seen your workshop and it was great. But how do you keep all that energy going when teaching 5 or 6 lessons a day? - ALT, Western Japan

(This is a question several people asked after the Kobe 2005 conference)

Good question! And it's quite an important one. Whilst I believe you have to be always genki with the kids, the amount of energy you put in to things should vary throughout the lesson. Otherwise pretty obviously you won't last the course! One thing to note in particular is that although I was very genki in the bits where I was talking, did you see what I was doing whilst you were all doing the songs and games? I was drinking water and getting ready for the next part! One key is to get the kids being genki as much as possible, that way it may seem you are always being really energetic, but most of the time it's the kids. Then when it's your turn to introduce something new, you'll all refreshed, prepared and ready to go!

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