Game in Japanese

An English Book!

Target Grade:5-6
A plan for when a genki game wouldn't go down well!
Preparation: paper, coloured pens

Quite often in the second and third terms Japanese sixth year students can become a little bit weary of genki (lively) games. If this happens then this is a perfect lesson plan!

Each kid makes their own "English Book" use all the English phrases they have learnt so far and show them how to write it down. Note that you should only use phrases they already know, if you introduce something new in a written form then it is a lot more difficult to learn!

It's usually best to have a six page book, which takes 3 around lessons. Each page consists of an English phrase and then any designs or pictures the kids want to add themselves. A typical format could be....

Page1 :Greetings.

The front page contains a greeting, for example "Good Morning" ,"Good Afternoon", "Hello", etc. It is also fun for the kids to try and use other countries' greetings such as "bonjour" or "Buongiorno" or even things like "G'day" or "Hi!". Get the kids to do something different from their friends, to get a variety in the class.

Page 2: "What's your name?"

Page 3 : "My name is..."

They should be able to write their name in roman letters.

Page 4: "How are you?""

Page 5: "I'm........."

"I'm OK" or "I'm hungry" or whatever (the gokiburi game is a great way to introduce "How are you?")

Page 6: "I like ...."

Here the kids can choose things they like.

This is a good way to let the kids see how much they have learnt. The books also make good display items for school festivals.

 This has been adapted from an idea by Kerri. 


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