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An English house!


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Whilst teaching at primary school, it is encouraged that we include elements of culture within our lessons. As my students were studying about European houses, I took a video camera round my own home to show them some of the similarities and differences between England and Japan!

The 7 minute clip is fun, fast and lively. The kids and teachers loved it! So have a go and show it to some of your classes! Simply click on the image to the left!

This video was actually made 3 years ago. As I'd only started Japanese 10 months earlier, it is a little strange in places, and although there are a few mistakes, the kids can understand what I'm trying to say!! Needless to say my Japanese is a little better now! There are also a few generalisations that you may wish to correct, for example saying that everyone sleeps on a bed and not a futon, and that we don't usually use chopsticks (make sure that Japanese people know that many Westerners can actually use them!!!)

I'm thinking of re-doing this video, and along with some footage from Australia, maybe producing a real VHS version that you could use in you classroom VCR. If you want to teach culture, but don't speak Japanese, or if your school wants to study whilst you're not there, it would be a great resource!! Email me and let me know what you think about this idea, and especially if there is anything you'd like to see included!!

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