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Q: I am a 3rd year ALT in Nagasaki Ken and want to say what a great job you are doing! I get a lot of ideas from from your website and would love to buy a package but my BOE says they don`t have any money!

Anyway, I stumbled onto a page last week on your site called which had famous people and their personal information on cards, which you could ask questions and swap cards etc! I am trying to find this page again, can u help me? Shannon, Japan.

Thanks for the email and the nice words! With the CDs, the BOE will have the money, you just have to find out which budget to take it from. They have several for different things and it's not always the most obvious where they buy things like these from. It might also be worthwhile asking your schools who have separate budgets. Or if they give us a ring on 0898-48-0256 ( in Japanese) we can help with the paperwork and things which should make it easier.

Right, on to your question... The famous people cards are still there, but as new games come in they go at the top, so you'll find the cards a little further down the page. Or you can jump straight there from the link on the "Games Page". I can see how this might be confusing, so I'll have another think about how to re-organise that page!

NEW: I've since re-organised the Readers Games so they are now all on separate pages, you can see them all from the main Games Page!

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