Teachers' Questions: Workshops in Europe

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Q: I am so disappointed to see that you were in Germany and I missed out on the workshop.  Do you schedule workshops only privately or do you advertise your workshops for the public to attend to?. Megan, Germany

That's a shame!

As Genki English is still in its early stages in Europe, I don't get the chance to do large public workshops over here yet, hence I don't PR them too much on the site.

But I always try and mention where I'll be on the schedule page and in the newsletter so that if you can get a group of teachers together at around the time I'll be there, you can indeed get in touch and I'll come and do a workshop for you too!

It was great being in Germany and it was so interesting to see the needs of teachers in Europe tend to be pretty much the same as those of teachers in Asia. As Genki English seems to go down very well, I'd love to do more workshops over here. Usually I'm in Europe for Winter anyway ( I get my recording done then as Japan is so cold!), so I'm very happy to do workshops whilst I'm over here!

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