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I wanna make you a star

author: Nigel
level: Elementary
target_English: I can + musical instruments

The idea of the game is for "managers" to go to the other students and ask them if they can play certain instruments, then put them together to form a band.

The band will consist of 1 guitarist, 1 drummer, 1 piano player, 1 bass player, 1 trumpet player, 1 violin player and a singer. ( Choose less instruments for smaller groups, or give each kid more than one card).

You need:

Minicards with the following: Guitar, drums, keyboards/piano and a singer. (At least 1 card per student)
Stickers with different value points on them (numbers between 1 and 10, they represent how well the person can play or sing)

1. Put a sticker on each card.

2. Select at least 2 students to be the "managers" (the more students the more managers)

3. Give all the other students one minicard.

4. The managers then mingle among the students and ask "Can you play the ??? or can you sing???"

5. The student replies "Yes, I can" or "No, I can't" (The student does not show or tell the manager the value of the sticker on the card, which is really how well he can play the instrument, after all he/she wants to be a superstar!)

6. If the student says no, the manager asks another student until he finds someone who says yes.

7. If the student says yes, then the manager takes that student to holding area where he will gather his band and then he goes back to ask another student if he can play something else.

8. Once the bands have been formed the managers have to give their bands a name. The manager will introduce the band to the rest of the students "Please welcome the ????"

9. Write the names of the bands on the chalk board and then add up the number of points on the cards.

10. The group with the highest number of points is the winner and considered to be superstars. They can then sing ( and play!) the song!

11. Play again with new managers if you wish.


The managers have to find musicians for his orchestra, someone who can play in the woodwind, brass, percussion and strings sections.

The manager is a car maker looking for a team of people to build a car and needs to find someone who can make wheels, seats, engines and car bodies. The points on the cards in this version can represent the speed of the finished car or the safety value of a car finished by your team. Don't forget to give the car you will build a cool name.

The manager is a house builder and is looking for the following people to build dream houses. He needs a builder, a glacier for windows a roofer for the roof and a decorator for the interior and maybe a gardener. Point values can represent how beautiful the houses are. Again try and think of names for your housing estate.

The manager is a traveller looking to find agents who can help him organise his holiday. He is looking for a passport agent, travel agent, visa agent and money exchange agent. The points represent how good a time he has on his holiday.

by Nigel

Readers' Comments

Thanks for the great game idea! I tried it with my students and it really got them repeating the vocabulary! I found that the students who had been put into the holding area got distracted quickly though and they distracted the other students who were still playing, that said though there wasn't a home room teacher present so that probably contributed to the students rowdiness! Thanks again for the game idea! Carrie

If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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