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NOTE: Kids English is only available in Japan.

Genki English Presents:

A collaboration between Genki English and some of the top Picture Book artists in Japan.

The brief was simple, create an English learning programme with all the energy of Genki English in a package designed for use by parents at home.

After 2 years work, from filming videos in LA, recording music in Portland and working with some of the best prize winning artists in Japan, the result was Kids English.

A huge boxed set of videos, DVDs, CDs and support material for parents of children from 9 days to 9 years old.

Gorgeous Picture Books & CDs

The aim: beautifully crafted hard back picture books that children can cherish for years.

The challenge: For each page to not have one, but two stories. From a "simple story" with as few words as possible, to a full, more complex story for when the children grow older.

But we went further.

Picture books can be enjoyed before bed, during the day or on a lazy rainy afternoon.

So we gave the books to different professional actors from all over the world and they came up with completely different readings of the exact same stories.

Just before bed? Try the gorgeous "parentese" versions, complete with beautiful music and the soft, gentle, voice of a caring mother or father.

During the day? Try the hyper energetic Genki version, complete with up tempo music and lots of action.

When the kids are older? A professional, more grown up reading of the exact same story.

The same English, but with a whole new way to read them, giving the children an exciting new way to use the English they already know & understand.

And for the pictures? We asked the top prize winning Japanese artists to come up with pictures that children fall in love with....

"Photo Safari" - Animals & May I take your picture?
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Takeuchi Tsuga

"Bubble Bubble" - Bath Time and Body Parts
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Ponki Kids

"In the Kitchen" - Cooking and "Can you see the ...?"
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Miyoko Sato

"A cool present" - Shopping & Numbers
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by 100% orange

"It's my birthday" + Colours!
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Mari Torigoe

"At the beach" - don't forget your ...
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Watanabe Yuichi

"Ready, steady, go!" - Transport
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Kaichi Toru

"Can I play?" - At the playground + Can I ...?
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Shinozaki Mitsuo

"Hide & Seek" - things in the house + numbers + prepositions
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Sugawara Keiko

"Animal Fashion Show" - clothes & adjectives
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Ohtaki Mami

"I can do anything!" - Imagination!
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Yunoki Samiro

"Christmas Time" - Family members
Written by Richard Graham. Pictures by Aoki Hiroe

And we wanted to go even further, to make each book not just a story or just a learning environment, but to be really, really FUN!

So each book comes with stickers, games or beautiful pullout pages to really make them part of the family..

Full Genki English Style Video Lessons

Of course the picture books are no use if the children don't understand them.

So for each of the twelve themes there is a full length "Genki English" style video to teach all the language used in the books.
Not just vocab, but each lesson also has a brand new original Genki English song, complete with video mini lessons and MTV style movie clip.

(The lead actor was recently in Fox TV's "House" )

Then, being Genki English, there is a super fun "real life" game the children can play with friends or parents, all the while practising, and showing off, their new found English skills.

For the youngest kids ...

Of course before children are old enough to speak, we can teach them by listening.

We selected the best, most loved children's stories and rhymes and presented them on the Kids English bonus "for little kids" CDs.

To help build the bonds between parent and child many of them have "skinship" actions, gestures and finger plays. And there is a bonus DVD showing young parents just how to do these activities with their children.

Full Support for Parents & the talking "Happy Chan"

Young parents can often by unsure of, or even intimidated by, English. So we have full documentation on exactly how to use all the materials, all written in Japanese in the parents' "Navigation File." And as parents are often shy to speak English themselves, we have puppets that the parents can use to talk to their children. The icing on the cake is the talking "Happy Chan" Teddy Bear, loved by the kids - and their mothers!

This is a full, huge, massive set of materials which originally retailed for over 400,000 Yen in bookstores and online.
It has appeared in national TV shows and was even advertised in Time magazine.

And now, as a special Genki English exclusive offer, you can now buy the parts of Kids English that you need for your home or classroom.

Full Set: Complete with Happy Chan, all the DVDs and Picture Books: 220,000 Yen + Post and Packing
Picture Books + CDs + DVD Set (best for teachers): 48,000 Yen + Post and Packing
Picture Books + CDs Set: 34,800 Yen + Post and Packing

This offer is only available to readers in Japan.

You can also give us a call in Japanese on 0898-48-0256 or email me in English or Japanese any questions you might have!

This is an amazing product from a fantastic collaboration of authors.
I think your students are going to love it!

Be genki,