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Banana Tree Game!

Target Grade:1-6
Target Maths: Any Questions


This is basically a scoring game, and can be used in various different ways. Here's one variation using the Ball and Music Game.

1. Put the kids in groups (6 is usually good), but keep them seated at their desks.

2. Draw pictures of trees on the board, one tree for each group. Each tree has 9 "rungs" (add more or less depending on the amount of time you wish to play), and some bananas at the top. (see the picture above) This takes about 1 minute if you're quick!

3. Each team then has an animal which will climb the tree (e.g. Monkey, Koala, but also things like "cow" or "helicopter" are very amusing!). Explain that the aim of the game is to eat the bananas at the top!

4. During the game you play some music (something fast and dancey). When the music plays the kids pass a ball around (no throwing!!).

5. You stop the music.

6. You then ask the person holding the ball a question ( e.g. "What's 2 x 8?" , "What's the next number 3, 6, 9 , 12 ?" etc. )

7. If the student gets it right then their team's animal climbs one rung up the tree!

8. Repeat from step 4 until one team reaches the top - and the bananas!

9 rungs lasts about 20 minutes. After the first few tries I then ask questions that are worth 2 "rungs", or even ask the kids if they want an easy question for 1 point or a tricky one for 2 points!!

The best thing about this game is that the kids really think that being a helcopter gives them an advantage or being a hippo hinders them!

. @ The Game in Pictures

Everyone starts at the bottom of the tree!

The Koala Team have got 2 questions right, so have moved up 2 places!

The Helicopter team only needs one more correct answer to reach the bananas!!
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