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Welcome to and a whole series of kids math games and ideas to make your primary school classroom a fun and exciting place to learn.

These games are based on the very successful site which the Daily Yomiuri Newspaper headlined as "Taking Primary Schools by Storm".

Try the ideas out in your classrooms, change them to suit your kids and let me know how you get on!

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Genki Times Tables Songs

Check back soon for the other times table songs!

Genki Math Classroom Kids Math Games:

  • Harry Potter Game - great counting practice for younger kids!
  • Spiderman - Help Spiderman save Mary Jane, great for sums or sequences
  • Mingle - fun way to make groups + counting or fractions practice

Counting Math Games

Use these simple games to practise counting skills:
  • Timebomb - simple counting, but watch out for the number 12!
  • Group Game - simple counting, works great in the gym
  • Rocket Launch - a fun way to remember numbers backwards!

Sums Games:
You choose the questions. Simple things like "What's 2 + 2?", "What's the next number; 2, 4, 6, ?" "What's a half plus a quarter" or any other topic you happen to be studying!
You can also use these games with questions from any other subject.
But remember the golden rule "Losing doesn't mean losing, it's just another chance to try again!". This way the kids will always be wanting to learn more!

Counting Systems:

These games are a great way to make review lessons more interesting by making the method of counting more fun!
Online Kids Math Game Links

Keep Checking Back for more games coming soon!

If you have any feedback about the site then I'd love to hear it! Please get in touch!

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