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The Group Game

Target maths: counting
Target grade: Any@

This is a really simple game that is often played in Japan. It's best played in the gym, and  is best with many (tens to several hundred)  players!

1.  All the kids run round the gym in a big circle

2. The teacher shouts out a number.

3. The kids have to stop and make groups that contain this number of people.  For example if the teacher said "3", then the kids get in groups of 3.

4. When they get all the members of their team they sit down.

5. Repeat from 1

That's it! Very simple, but fun! The traditional Japanese way of doing it is to shout a word and the kids form groups according to how many syllables it has (e.g. groups of 3 if you say the word "computer"). You could also try shouting out a sum e.g 12 - 7 = ?

You can vary the game by setting a time limit of ten seconds and any people who are not sat down by that time are out.  But personally I just play it for fun without anyone being out!

Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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