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Target Grade:1-6
Target Maths: Any Sums
Preparation: A4 Cards with numbers on them

This is a variation of the traditional Japanese game. It is usually best played in the gym, but sometimes you can get away with it in the class room!!

Do a review of the sums and prepare some A4 cards, each with a number on them.

1. On one side of the room spread out lots of the cards.

2. On the other side of the room the kids form into 4 or 5 groups.

3. The kids line up in parallel lines so the first kid in each group faces the side of the room where the cards are.

4. You say a sum where the answer is on one of the cards.

5. The first kid from each group runs forward towards the cards.

6.The first kid to slap their hand down on the correct card gets a point for their team.

7. These kids return to the back of their group's line. A set of new kids are now at the front.

8. Repeat from step 4.

Make sure you have some ground rules established. For example slapping other kids hands or pushing other kids out of the way results in the offenders team losing 2 points!! Also make sure they only slap their hand onto the cards, if they try and pick them up then the cards will get all messed up.

If there is confusion as to who touched the card first to "Rock, Paper, Scissors" ( Have a look at the Genki English "rock, paper, scissors" song)

If there is a stage in the gym then setting the cards on the stage is a good idea. Accidents are reduced as the kids don't have to bend down to see the cards.

You can also try a desktop version by putting the kids in groups and having mini cards set out on the desk.

Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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