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Target Grade: Elementary School
Target English: Making groups, counting or fractions

This is a great game that I always use for making groups in class. But it can also be great practice of numbers or fractions!

1. Teach the kids the "Mingle Chant" ( be warned, it will stick in your head all day!)

2. As the kids sing the mingle chant, they mingle amongst themselves.

3. When the chant finishes you shout out a number.

4. The kids quickly get into groups of this number and sit down.

That's it! Very simple but very fun! If you count up the number of kids in the class first, and then write this on the board for everyone to see, you can also say things like "half" or "two thirds" and get the kids to work out how many people should be in each group! Or you could try shouting out a sum where the answer is how many people they have to make a group with.

And remember the golden rule: losing doesn't mean losing, it's just another chance to try again!! Once the kids get this they'll keep wanting to try more and more, which means they'll be getting more and more maths practise!

This game is also great for choosing teams for the Spiderman game!

Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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