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Ostrich Game!

Target Grade:1-4
Target Maths: Any Sum
Preparation: Cards + two clips

A very fun game !!

1. All the students form a large ring in the classroom.

2. Select 2 students that will play the game.

3. These 2 then face each other in the centre of the ring.

4. Using a clip fasten a card with a number onto the back of each student.

5. The kids must always have their hands behind their back.

6. Get them to preform a Sumo Stomp and then say "Ready, steady go!!"

7. The kids now have to try and see what card is on their opponents back.

8. When they know what's on the card, they put their hand in the air and tell you a sum where the answer is the number on the card. As the teacher you can decide if any sum is OK, or if it has to be a division, addition etc.

9. If he/she is correct they win!

10. Choose two new students and repeat from step 3.

Make sure the kids who form the ring don't shout out the answer!
Insist that the kids always have their hands behind their backs.
They must also always stay inside the ring.
Jumping is one of the best tactics - hence the "Ostrich Game"!
And yeah, I know the picture at the top of the page is a duck, but I couldn't find a cute ostrich picture!

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