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Rocket Launch!

Target Maths: Counting (backwards!)

This is a really simple game, but kids love it!

1. Everyone kneels down with their hands above their heads to make a rocket.

2. Everyone counts down from 12 to 0.

3. As you get near the lift off you begin raising your arms and stretching your legs.

4. When you reach 0, the next step is a huge jump into the air whilst shouting "lift off!"

That's it, very simple!

One good thing to do is to fail the kids part way through. E.g. when you get to 6, tell them to stop and say they have failed the game. Hopefully they'll then remember the golden rule of games "Losing doesn't mean losing, it's just another chance to try again!". So then ask them "Can you do it?" several times and get them to shout out "Yes we can!" in loud voices. A great confidence booster!

Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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