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Sticky Fingers

Target Grade:1-4
Target Maths: Any Questions

You play this game with 3 kids at a time. For bigger classes you can have several teams going at once.
Teach or review some questions , clear some space in the classroom, then...

1. The kids each grab one of the teacher's fingers, which are outstretched as shown.

2. The teacher assigns a special "Secret Answer"

3. One kid shouts out a number e.g. "4"

5. The teacher uses the number to make a sum e.g. 4 + 7 =

6. If the answer to the sum is the "Secret Answer" the kids must run to the far wall.

7. If on the way, the teacher "tigs" a kid, they are out.

8. If a kid lets go when the answer isn't the "Secret Answer" (e.g. if the Secret Answers is "7" and the kid runs when the sum is "3 x 2") then they are out!!

9. Repeat from 2 until only one kid is left.

10. Start again with 3 more kids.

11. When everyone has had a go, try it again with 3 winners. Keep playing with the winners, just like a championship, until you find the ultimate winner!

This game works really well at lower levels. Start off easy, but you can get quite advanced, for example letting all the kids think of a number , e.g. kid one says "2", kid two says " + 4 = 6" then next kid says " * 2 = 12" and then the teacher has to add another part to the sum!

Math Games to Make Math Fun!

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