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Target Language: Any question you can answer with a number!
Target Grade: 1 to 6

Now "mingle" probably isn't very high on your "words to teach" list, and quite rightly so. But the real magic of this game comes when making groups!

1. Get rid of any tables and chairs and get the kids together in one big group.

2. Whilst singing the "mingle chant" the kids move around, mingling with each other.

3. The kids ask you a question that you can answer with a number e.g. "How old are you?" or "What time is it?",

4. You answer and the kids get into groups of that number e.g. you say "I'm 4 years old" and the kids get into groups of four.

5. Repeat from 2.

Once you've done it with "mingle" you can change the verb any time you want to play e.g. "swim" where the kids swim around whilst mingling, or "dance" or "hop" or anything really.

It's the quickest and best way to make groups and to teach Genki English rule number 2: Losing just means try again!

Readers' Comments

by Shane Jones

I do something similar to this, but with a twist.  I don't teach "mingle" but I'll start.  It's a great idea.  Instead of saying "groups of 4," I say "Groups of 8 eyes."  The kids have to think for a bit, but they enjoy it.  You can also use 40 fingers or anything like that.  To introduce the concept, it's better to start with 4 noses.  To have fun say "millions of hairs!"


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