Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab, time
Preparation: Small Picture cards


This is another (slightly more faithful!) version of the Japanese Karuta game.

First of all teach today's new words and then...

1. Split the kids into groups of 5 or 6 people.

2. Each team gets a set of cards with pictures on. (you'll need several sets of the same picture cards)

3. The teacher shouts what's on one of the cards (e.g. "noodles", "banana" etc.)

4. In each group the kids try and slap their hand onto the correct card.

5. The fastest kid in each group takes the card and gets one point.

6. repeat from 3.

When you get to the last card then try saying a few red herrings (e.g. say "dog" when there are no dog cards). If anyone slaps the last card (which is of course incorrect) then they have to "sit out" and not play for one go.

If one kid is really good and keeps winning (and hence annoying their teammates!) then make them "the teacher" and they can shout out what card is next.

This is really good vocab practice and can be done in the classroom (unlike the other karuta!).
Any vocab is good with this game, but why not try having cards with clocks on, with the time from 1 O'clock to 12 O'clock.

I also have a special "POKEMON MINI KARUTA" version, which goes down very well. In this one you have pictures of Pokemon with their weights and heights written on. The teacher then says "This Pokemon is 6 kilos!" or "This pokemon is 1 metre high". Buy a pack of Pokemon playing cards, or check out the pokemon web site ( PokeMon Info ) for the info. I also have the cards prepared, but I don't think I'm allowed to put them on the web site, am I?

Thanks Joel, for the mini-karuta idea (and Mark for the Pokemon one)!


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