Teachers' Questions: 10 Kids, All Grades, Help!

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Q: I teach in a small school with only 10 kids. I have to teach them all together, all grades. help! - ALT, Western Japan

This is quite a common situation, and I had the same thing myself until they closed the school because it was too small! The key with this type of school is : projects! You can give the kids different responsibilities to their ages and they really take a pride in what they can achieve as a school. You can spread it over several weeks or months, and get the Japanese teachers to continue the work when you're not there. These types of schools often take on this type of thing, so linking with English should be easy to do if you prepare it well enough. Some examples of things to do are: drama, plays ( the 3 little pigs, fairy stories etc. ), exchange projects ( e.g. school lunch , pets, etc.) , making a video about the school in English, crafts etc. etc are the best thing to do!

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