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Genki English at home!

Genki English is designed for teachers of languages to children, but you can also use many of the games, songs and ideas to teach your own kids at home! On this page I'll show you some hints and tips on how to get the most out of GenkiEnglish!

When the kids of today become adults, speaking 2 or 3 languages won't be considered special, it will be considered a basic requirement. In Japan from 2002 all schools will have the chance to teach English, however not all of them will take it up, either because they don't know how to teach it or sometimes because the older head teachers are more interested in their reitrement than the futures of their students!! By teaching a language at home you not only increase their language ability and confidence, but you are also spending quality, fun time with your child!

No.1 Create a fun atmosphere!

First of all, don't say to your kids "Speak English!", do this and they'll hate it!! Instead you need to create a fun environment where the kids think "Yeah, I want to do more English!!"

The kids of today are the Playstation/Gameboy generation. They want things fast, fun and exciting! By using language games, it's easy to make learning just as appealing to them! Most of the games on this homepage (see the Games Menu), have been designed for Primary School Classrooms, but many of them can be modified for use at home!

Here are my suggestions:

But of course, feel free to try out any of the others!

If the kids are playing with their parents or siblings it increases their motivation. Inviting a few friends over makes things even more fun!


But before you play the games, the kids have to learn the new words! One of the best ways is using songs. But be careful about using traditional songs as the language contained might not be too suitable! I created the Genki English songs, each with it's own dance or game to teach current, useful English!

On the website you can listen to 2 of the songs:

There are many more on the Genki English CDs - have a look at the songs page!

Real pronunciation? Use Computer  Software!

But of couse you want to teach your kids correct English pronunciation. Hence that's why there is a special CDROM section on each Genki English CD! You can hear all the words and lyrics to the songs spoken by native speakers! Plus there is a even a little quiz to go with each song! Have a look at the CD page.

Plus on this website there are lots of "talking pages" where your kids can hear some real English!! When they are young they are at the age where they can pick up the subtle differences in pronunciation, and you'll probably find they speak better than yourself!

What should I teach?

This is probably the most difficult thing!! One thing is for sure, don't get out your old school books for your kids to look through!!

For kids up until the age of about 2, I think that listening skills are the most important. Watching native English TV or videos or listening to CDs is great! When they reach the age of about 3, you can start using Genki English to get them talking!! Have a look at the Curriculum section of Genki English. Choose a topic that you think looks fun and try teaching that!

And Finally...

For parents, children are the most important thing in the world. If you teach your child a foreign language at an early age you will be giving them so much. You'll not only increase their confidence, and ability to make friends, but will help them find jobs when they are older and open their eyes to all the wonderful things the World has to offer!

If you have any questions or comments, please ask them on our discussion board, or send me an email!

Be genki,



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