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Genki Phonics Songs CD - Discontinued
Phonics CD

No extra words, just 10 fresh and funky songs with the first 10 phonics sounds.

For each of the 10 sounds b, c ( or k), d, f, g, h, j ( or the soft "g"), l, m & n you have a "Mini Lesson" (i.e. the song without the words), then the song and an "Odd One Out" quiz. (check out the free worksheets to go with them).

The melodies are infectious, the production is cool and best of all the lyrics for each song are just that sound i.e. for the "b" song it's "b,b,b,b b,b,b,b " - they'll always remember the lyrics!

Perfect as a stand alone 5 minute section of a class, or to energize your study at home.

Phonics Songs CD

The Genki Phonics CD is available now priced $24.90 US Dollars + $9.99 P&P

(Note: The Phonics CD is not included in the "Teachers Set" or "Superpack". Unlike the other Genki English CDs, the Phonics CD only contains audio tracks)

Phonics, or rather "phonetic awareness", sounds complicated, but all it means is that instead of teaching the alphabet as "Ay", "Bee" "See" you teach the sounds the letters make. It's a great help in curing accents and preparing the kids for reading. But when I was teaching I always found that traditional phonics needed too much vocab to be useful. For example what use is "fox" as an example of a sound if the kids have never heard it? I needed something simpler, something fun, something that just focussed on the sounds themselves!

So I took all the energy and excitement of the famous Genki English songs and made these brand new ones just for phonics!

Any questions? Please get in touch!