Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab

This is another adaptation of a classic game.

1. Split the kids into groups and tell them to janken to find out which member of the group goes first.

2. The person from the first team comes to the front.

3. Secretly you show them a picture of a word they know in English (e.g. a dog, island, Japan etc.)

4. They have 2 minutes to draw the picture on the board

5. Whilst they are drawing the kids (from any team) try and guess what the word is. They shout out (in English of course!) when they think they know!. If they get it correct they get 10 points!

6. Go to the next team, the person who won the janken comes to the front and repeat from 3.

The kids who is drawing is not allowed to speak, nor draw any charcters (numbers, English or Japanese!)

They kids can shout out as many words as they like, but if they shout out Japanese they lose one point!

The rule is a little different to normal pcitionary in that any team can answer - this adds to the atmosphere and stops people dropping hints to their own team!


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