Pro Rules: Be the BEST teacher in the World:
Professional Development for Teachers

These are the bullet points from my "Pro Rules" section I include in my day long professional development workshops.

Confidence, confident teacher = confident student

Must like English

Must like students.

Must like yourself!

Good enough is not enough. You want to be the BEST teacher in the world. Why? Because every kid deserves the best.

Everyday say "I am the best, I am the best" or better still say the "Everyday and in every way I am getting better and better" line 20 times before you sleep every night.

Take responsibility, there's no such thing as a "bad class".

Don't fear failure. Bad lesson does not equal bad teacher.

Practise your lessons. Does your favourite sports star just "wing it"?

Read for 30 minutes a day. Either teaching techniques, motivation or business books e.g.
Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin, .Napoleon hill,

Never listen to the radio. Cut out the daily soap operas. Use the time to learn, relax or play with your family.

Resolve to pay the price. It's always hard work, but it's always fun.

Ambition & Desire, how good do you want to be? You are as good as you choose. Choose high.

Empathy - your must care for the kids, be on their level.

Honesty - if you don't know, say so.

Goals. How ever hard you try, without goals you'll be in the same place in five years time.
There is so much more you can do and be. Nothing is impossible. What do you want? When
do you want it? How will you do it?

Set the goal, work hard, have fun, be genki, and you will get there!


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