Game in Japanese


Target Grade: any
Target English: Vocab review!

This is a really good game. Suitable for large, or small classes.

1.You first of all teach the kids a target quesion, for example "What do you like?", "I like ...." or "What's your name?"

2. Form the kids into a circle.

3. You start the stopwatch and one kid asks the question to the kid sitting next to them

4. This kid answers and asks the kid on their opposite side.

5. You continue around the circle. When you get back to the first kid, you stop the stopwatch.

6. Keep playing again and again, trying to beat their "Best Time"!

This is a really cool game from Will. The stopwatch is vital though, without it there is no tension! If the game gets a bit "easy" for them, tell them that they all have to have different answers! This makes sure they really listen to everyone else!

You can also use this in larger classes. In this case you can keep the kids sat at their desks. Ask the kid in the near right hand corner the question. He/She then asks the person behind. You keep going up and down the rows of kids until the question reaches the front left hand person.

Another variation is to have a big ball. The kids pass this from one person to the next, using the conversation "Ball, please" and "Thank you".

This is also good in adult classes. The teacher starts by asking a question. The second time around, the person sitting next to the teacher chooses the question. With the time limit, it really leads to an interesting class, with some good conversations coming out of it!


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