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Want your students to be the best they can possibly be?
Being pressured by parents to get better results?
Want your students to progress even more quickly?
Need extra income for your school?

The Genki English CDs for homework are just what you need!

You know how well the Genki English songs and games work in your lessons. But the kids learn even faster when they have the same CDs at home! It's crazy how much reviewing time you can save, how good they get, and how happy that makes the parents.

Makes you into a super teacher!

Kids progress much more quickly
Parents love to boast about how good their little angels are.
You get glowing word of mouth recommendations and possibly more students!
You get extra income from selling the CDs.

Incredibly easy!

The aim is to get all the boring "learning" done at home, then in class you concentrate on using the English and giving the kids feedback.

For each week you set 2 themes as homework:
Review today's theme so they don't forget it.
Start learning next week's theme, so you can start using it next class.

The usual activity for each of the themes is:

Listen to the song a few times each day
Play around on the computer game each day

Then the cool part, once a week ask the student to...

Teach the song (with gestures!) to the parents - parents love this!
Play the computer game in front of the parents until the student can do it three times in a row without making a mistake. Parents are amazed by this!

Get results & word of mouth = more students for your school!

The CD homework is the listening part of class. Then in class you do the speaking part i.e. the classroom games and to give feedback and correct mistakes.

The children progress faster than you can imagine. It does mean you have to learn to teach higher and higher themes, but the word of mouth when parents boast about how good a teacher you are to their friends is priceless. A great reputation saves you money in advertising for new students - they come to you! - and helps build your business and reputation.

Even more benefits:

Parents can use them to learn English too and maybe start paying you for adult classes for themselves!
If anyone "forgets" to do their homework, you simply play them the computer game in class, gaining you a few extra minutes rest or preparation time!
Of course you can re-sell the CDs to the parents at higher than the wholesale price you see here- you choose how much. Hence it's an extra (and possible very lucrative) income stream for you or your school..
Parents will show the CDs to their friends, of course telling them they got them from you, hence more free advertising for you or your school!

Get your first order in today, your kids will love it, the parents will love it, and you just bask in all the adoration!

Be genki,


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Or see what other teachers have to say:
Margit - Margit's Academy of Culture & Communication

I've been using Genki English now for about 6 years, real results started when the kids got their own CDs at home.

The first two years I used Genki English only in class, which was fun and great for me and my lessons, but the kids didn't have anything to focus on yet at home. I wanted them to do things for homework but handing out things , reading and writing exercises didn't really make them improve that much.

I noticed about the effect of having the CDs at home more or less by coincidence:

A few parents were interested in buying one or two CDs. I had them choose which ever they wanted. Everybody had something different, so I couldn't really use them for setting homework. But what happened is that the little 4 year old sister of a student played with the CD a lot (much more than the brother), and she just came up to me one day talking in English to me.

The same happened with my daughter. She hadn't joined my classes so far, and we don't speak English at home, but suddenly she came into the kitchen "Mum, I'm thirsty. I'd like some juice, please."

I was shocked, surprised and after this I decided to do a test:

I persuaded the parents of a class to buy 3 CDs each (same CD for everyone) and didn't set any writing homework anymore. (They hated this anyway). Instead the kids and the parents had to promise me to do the CD topic I told them each week at least 3 times a week for 10 minutes each. The result after just one month was amazing.

From now on the speed to teach a topic was double to three times as quick as before.

Meanwhile I'm having all my new students get the CDs (about 3 per year, so that they have the whole set by 3rd grade). It's amazing how easy I can tell when & who worked how much with the CDs.

AND this brings me so many new students without any ads at all. First of all the little brothers or sisters sign up as soon as they're in Kindergarten because the parents know how good the bigger ones are doing AND ( I think this is the major point) the little ones have seen how much fun their siblings are having when doing their homework or going to English class. So they just can't wait to start. They all know Superhero and Baby Monkey from being very little and are eager to meet them.

Well and these kids and parents just spread by word of mouth so that it is easy to have a number of at least 6 students per new class.

The other great point of the CDs is that it makes it so easy to talk to the parents. Usually they don't have an idea of "English lessons" and are not of much help to their kids. They feel unsure and don't even know what questions they should ask the teacher to make it easier. But with this they see and hear the results at home, and if they don't know something they can concretely refer to the CD. Communication with kids and with parents is so much more comfortable now, and playing games in class is also much easier and needs less explanation.

And you already know the CDs are licensed by places like the British Council & the Thailand Ministry of Education.

"The Genki approach to learning English works by engaging all of the learners senses and appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Children are engaged visually through the simple but striking graphics, aurally/orally through the simple chants and songs and limited amounts of graded vocabulary input and kinaesthetically through the actions and games. Because all of the learning tasks are organised as game-like activities, children are immediately motivated to take part."

- British Council Press Release

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