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During August we'll be doing several big shows that any Elementary School Age Child can attend! So if you live nearby, tell your friends and students and you too can see the real Genki English in Action!!

August 19th (Sunday) Gifu Dome

Place: Gifu Memorial Center, Gifu Dome
Time: 1PM to 4 PM
Price: 500 yen per person
Reservations: Tel 058 248 7373 Email: alpha@hi-ho.ne.jp (before August 10th)

In association with Alpha International and Oxford University Press

August 21st (Tuesday) Edogawa, Tokyo
Place: Edogawa Ku Sougou Shi Min Hall (5th Floor)
10:30 AM till 12:00 (Entry from 10AM)
1:30 PM till 3:00 PM (Entry from 1 PM)
Price: 1,000 Yen
Contact: Michiko michikodream@hotmail.com

August 22nd (Wednesday) Tokorozawa, Saitama
Place: Tokorozawa Shimin Bunka Center Muse
9:45AM till 10:30 AM (final year of kindergarten + first year elementary school)
10:45AM till 11:30AM (2nd year Elementary School age students and above)
2PM till 4 PM Seminar for Teachers
Price: Kid's show 1,000 yen. Teacher's Seminar 2,000 yen.
Contact: Kikko hiro-c@mars.cnn.ne.jp

August 23rd (Thursday) Yokohama
Place: Yokohama Shi Bunka Kaikan
Time: 10AM till 11AM
Price: 1,000 yen
Contact: Mariko marikoet@sb3.so-net.ne.jp

August 24th (Friday) Shizuoka
Place: Aiseru 21 Shizuoka Chuou Kouminkan
Time: 10:30 AM till 11:30AM
Price: 500 yen
Contact: Kunimi poppins@po.across.or.jp

August 26th (Sunday) Tokyo

We'll be doing a special show in the Togoshi Shopping Mall!! Check back for more details soon!

September 2nd Matsuyama (Show at the Shiomin Kouminkan from 10AM). Click here for a print-out flyer

We'll also be doing teacher training seminars as part of the Oxford University Press / Kinokuniya Tour
Sep 8th (Tokyo), 9th (Nagoya), 15th (Fukuoka), 16th (Osaka)

September 22nd we'll have a show in Taishi Cho, Osaka.

Most of the shows need tickets to be purchased in advance from the organiser of the relevant event! Any questions about the place, price, etc. please contact the event organiser, anything else please feel free to contact me directly at Genki English!

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