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Thai Teachers' Songs

In the Summer of 2002 I did a series of volunteer teacher training sessions in Sakeo, Thailand. The teachers who attended were very genki, and had loads of great ideas themselves! So here on this page are a couple of the songs that these teachers use to teach their students in Thailand. Move your mouse over the "listen" button to hear the song, or click on the picture to see a video of the song in action! I'm sure your students will love them too!

The sand, the sea, the sun.
The sun, the sea, the sand.
La la la la la la, la la la, la la la

Turn, turn, turn, turn and you turn yourselves around (x2)
Put your hands on your head (x2)
Go to the desk and then sit down

Get into ...... (say a number)

Down and up and walk, walk, walk.
Down and up and walk, walk, walk.
We walk to the left and we walk to the right.
We turn around and we walk, walk, walk

Oh I like to study English everyday.
Oh I like to study English everyday.
Every time I study English, she studies English too
Oh she likes to do what I do every day.

Thank you to everyone in Sakeo, you were all great and we all had a fantastic time!!!

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