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Walls & Corners

author: Kris Line
level: Elementary
target_English: any

I adapted this from a game I remember playing in elementary school on rainy days when we couldn't go outside. The explanation can be a little tricky but once the kids have played once, all you have to do is put the first card on the wall and you can hear the excitement in their voices as they realize what game they will be playing.

1. Introduce new set of vocabulary or review previously taught vocabulary (about 7-10 words is good)

2. Hang the vocabulary cards randomly around 3 walls of the classroom

3. Next explain to the kids that you, the teacher will close your eyes and count down from 5. While you are counting the kids QUIETLY move to any card they like.

4. When you get to zero, with your eyes still closed, call out one of the vocabulary words.

5. Any students that are standing at that card are 'out' and must sit down. Everyone else is 'safe'!

6. Remove that card from the wall and start the countdown all over again, with the remaining kids moving to different cards each round.

7. Continue playing, removing one card at a time, and the number of students being reduced until eventually there is only one child left standing, who is the winner!

I've done this with all elementary grades, however, it works best up to grades 4. The kids get really excited about it and want to play more than once. Keep things safe by telling them that kids running and being noisy will be 'out' and have to sit down. And when you have only 2 cards left, be sure to remind them not to all gather at the same card, otherwise there may be no winner if you choose that card.

Variations: I get the kids that got 'out' and are sitting down to countdown with me. They can also shout out the question form while you provide the answer. E.g.. kids: What is it? teacher: a banana. And for kids that are capable, they can take turns playing the role of the teacher counting down and shouting out the vocabulary.

Kris Line

Readers' Comments

Thank you this was great to play. My 4th grade didn't want to play anything else! In their words it was ' interesting and fun'. I almost got mobbed when we stopped playing it! Thank you it was a great way to review 'feelings'.

Katie from Nagasaki Ken

Readers' Comments

Thanks - I`ve been desperate to find a new game for my extremely genki 4th graders, and this worked a treat! Great for reviewing body parts.

from Holly

If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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