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GenkiEnglish Workshops

Are you looking for new ideas? Need help teaching certain things? Or would you just like a fun packed, highly motivating workshop to get you back enjoying your job to the max?

It sounds like a Genki English Workshop is just for you!

I have done workshops for 1000s of teachers around the world, at events sponsored by TEDx, Oxford University Press, JALT, the British Council, Ministries of Education, Boards of Educations and many schools in Japan, Thailand, Korea & Europe. They have been featured in national newspapers and on TV in many countries. But most of my time is spent travelling to towns just like yours, helping teachers to get a little more genkiness into their classes.

There are several types of workshop I can do, please choose which is best for you, and get in touch.

If you'd like to see what sort of things we'll do, have a look at the Online Video Workshops.

Or click here to see this year's schedule.

Any questions?

Aims of the workshop

To make life easier for you by solving your teaching problems and showing dozens of original, effective & fun activities for teaching kids.

Where will the workshops be held?
In your town or city. Usually Asia is in the Summer and Europe in the Winter season.

Who will lead the workshops?
The workshop will be taught by a Genki English Education Consultant who has many years of experience in teacher training as well as planning and teaching lessons in primary schools (probably me!).  The workshop can be conducted in either Japanese, English or French. And believe me, you'll never have seen a workshop quite as Genki as this!

How long will the workshop last?
A very basic introduction can last 2-3 hours. A more thorough presentation including question and answer time will consist of 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. 2 or 3 day workshops are also possible where smaller groups of teachers get to teach and critique themselves.

How much will the workshop cost?

Place: Your town!
Time: 1 or 2 days
Fee: $100 - $200 per person Min 12 people. Maximum 30.
Or Conferences up to 1,000 people.
We'll start off with the basics and then go through as many of the Genki English themes as possible. All of them complete with how to teach the song AND the games. Plus Q&A and request sections. This is the most thorough way to learn how to teach Genki English. Simply get a few of your friends together and get in touch.

What will the workshop consist of ?

Each workshop is tailored to your needs, but it's usually something like this ...

1. Introduction
A brief introduction of the speaker and the topics to be covered. A bit of a warm up and survey of what type of things people would like to learn.

2. Teaching methods and motivation techniques. 
This is not the usual textbook English! Learn ways to make your kids have fun, like English and become really excited about all the possibilities English offers! How to make your kids quiet, or loud, curing katakana accents, getting them motivated and wanting to speak more!

3. Genki English Games and Songs
Introductions of tried and tested, fun games, songs and activities to get the kids interested in English, and the World. You'll be playing these games as well, so you get to see for yourself just how fun and effective they are!

4. Question, Answers and Discussion. I'm here to help.
Many teachers will have questions about how to teach such material. Hopefully the I'll be able to answer any questions you may have, and help you out with any problems! Ask questions at any time, at the end, over a beer in the evening or even by email when you get back home.

English will play a vital role in the lives and success of your students in the 21st Century. This workshop will give you  the tools and confidence to make sure your students fulfill their potential! I'm determined to make teaching English and International Understanding as effective and fun as possible.

Go on, please get in touch today!

Be genki,



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