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"More Questions" Adjectives Lesson 2

Target English: Adjectives, "I have a question!", "Is it....?"
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
You can find this song on vol.3I, the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

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More Questions!
by Richard Graham

I have a question!
Please let me try.
I have a question!
Please let me try.

Is it good? Itfs good.
Is it bad? Itfs bad.
Is it slow? Itfs slow.
Is it fast? Itfs fast.

( repeat chorus )

Is it expensive?
Itfs expensive.
Is it cheap? Itfs cheap.
Is it scary? Itfs scary.
Is it cute? Itfs cute!

( repeat chorus )

This lesson is a follow up to the "I have a question" lesson, so I'd recommend doing that one first!

On the CD....

On new CD Vol. 3 there is this song, "More Questions", plus an audio "mini lesson" of me teaching the song ( great if you're shy about singing yourself, simply play the CD!). There is also the first "I have a questions" song and mini lesson. Plus the original longer version of the song which is great for playing the "Is it...?" Guessing Game.

Put the same CD in a computer and you get illustrated versions of the songs & mini lessons and also a quiz for each of the adjectives songs where the kids can learn the words themselves using the computer.

This  song can be found on CD vol. III !

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