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Save yourself loads of time with the brand new...

Printed, Laminated Genki English A4 Picture Cards!

There are now so many picture cards in your packs that we've had to split them in three!
Buy each individually, or together for an extra saving.

Pack A contains the themes:
How are you?, Weather, Where are you from?, Thank you!, Fruit Market, What time is it?, Colours,. Where are you going?,. What are you doing?, The Monkey Family, Good Morning, Sports, Transport, I have a question!, More Questions, I'm thirsty!, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Doctor, Doctor!, Animals , What do you do?, Where, where, where?, My name is Mr Octopus, Genki Christmas

= 200 A4 pictures laminated back to back as 100 cards.

22,000 Yen + P&P

Pack B contains the themes:
Do you have any pets?, Where do you live?, Vegetables, Under the Sea, . Easter Egg Hunt, Happy Halloween, What would you like for Xmas?, When, When, When?, Months of the Year, I can do it!. Creepy Crawlies, Do you like...? / Food Part I, What's your favourite ... ?, Food Part II, Where is Mr Monkey?, What do you think of ... ?, Make a Face, How are you? 2, Animals 2, Favourite Flavour

= 206 A4 pictures laminated back to back as over 100 cards.

22,000 Yen + P&P

Contains themes from the new themes:

I'm a superhero! I can ..., Can you speak...?, Trick or Treat, Pronouns, Winter Clothes, What do you want to do?, What do you want to be?, What would you like for breakfast?, Do you have any brothers or sisters?, What time is it? 2, Let's build a snowman, Let's build a gingerbread house, It's not bad, it's good!, Do you like animals?,
How many... do you have?, Can you kick?, Where is Baby Monkey?,
= 172 A4 pictures laminated back to back as 86 cards.

17,800 Yen + P&P

Or order Picture Card Packs A, B & C together for only 55,900 Yen + P&P
- a saving of nearly 6,000 yen!

Or click here for the Fax order form. ( It's in Japanese so you can show it to your school and hopefully get them to pay!)

OVERSEAS: Due to the huge weight of the cards and sky high price of postage we cannot ship these overseas. (Well I guess we could but the postage would be 100s & 100s of dollars!)
So you can simply buy the Teacher's Set and print them out yourself, which will work out a lot cheaper!

Kids love our picture cards and they make teaching English so much easier. They have even been used by "Last Samurai" star Koyuki in her TV Series.
(Check out the cards on the table in this photo!)

If you have the Teacher's Set these cards are all free to download from the website, but if you want to print them all out yourself it could take you well over 20 hours just for the printing. Then add on another couple for the download and laminating time and you can see why we were getting so many people asking for printed packs. So, ever willing to please, we've done the hard work for you!

They are in full glorious colour and best of all are plastic laminated to make them strong and perfect for playing games!

Just fill in the order form and your very own set of fantastically cool cards will be on its way to you ASAP!

The complete set of Packs A, B & C is only 55,900 Yen + P&P
(At this time this product is only available for delivery in Japan)

Or click here for the Fax order form

To try before you buy, please click here for the clip art download page.
Some images have been improved for inclusion in the printed pack.
Over 20 hours printing time is based on a Canon BJF6600 colour ink jet printer

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch or Click here to order