Where is the spider?

Target English: prepositions
Target grade: kindergarten to Junior High

This song is on Volume 12

Where is the spider?!

Where is the spider?
Where is the spider?
Where is the tiny little spider?

In front of

Where is the spider?
Where is the spider?
Where is the tiny little spider?

Next to.
I don't know!

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This song is a really simple, and cute, way to teach prepositions.

Simply mime the gestures as you sing them.

On Volume 12 you'll find two versions, one set in the normal Genki English house and one set in the new Haunted House!

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Bonus Game Idea

If you have done the Haunted House lesson before you can mix the two themes together to ask things like "Where is the bathroom?" "It's next to the bedroom" etc.

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Reader's Comments:

Richard this is REALLY CUTE!! I just love it!! You have left it 'open' so the teacher can use whatever props he has to demonstrate the song. : ) : ) - Carol

I love the music. This is so cute. I have a performance in my head right away. Thanks. - Margit

Great song - Gumby

How adorable. What a wonderful song. Well done Richard. - Rosebud

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