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3 2 1 Jump!

This is a great game sent in by Sara. You can use it with any theme. Just hand out one minicard to each student.
Here we'll try it with the "Can you speak...?" cards.

1. Everyone gets in a circle.
2. Everyone holds up their card.
3. The rule is you can't move your heads or eyes. You've got to be still! (Cue lots of laughing!)
4. Teacher says gCan you speak German?h
5. Everyone says g3, 2, 1, Jump!h
6. You jump to face and point to where you think someone who has a German card is.
7. You either say gGermanh or gI can speak Germanh as you point.
8. The German person then picks another language and asks gCan you speakc.?h
9. Repeat from step 5.

As you can hopefully see from the video below it is a huge hit!

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