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Mini Picture Cards

One of the most requested items this year has been small versions of the A4 picture cards. So ever willing to please, here they are!

Each A4 page has 8 mini-cards for most of the Genki English themes. Some of the themes have two pages of cards.
Either choose a theme from the curriculum page, or simply click on a picture below. You'll need your CD Owners Club username to print them out.

Printing Tips

Stick the printout onto card for durability and so you can't see what it is from the back.
Or try laminating the A4 sheet then cutting it out. If you round off the corners this should be OK.
To save your preparation time, have the kids cut the cards out in class. Great use of classroom English ( "cut", "be careful" etc.). Great to calm kids down.

Game Ideas

There are probably an infinite number of ideas you can use these cards for, but here are a few!

Mini Karuta. Just like big karuta, but put the kids in groups and each group spreads the card on a desk.
Or try Chopstick Karuta. The same as Mini-Karuta above, but the kids have to pick the cards up with chopsticks. Good for older kids, or to introduce chopstick etiquette!
Matching Pairs. Print out two sets for each group. Stick them onto card and play the "Matching Pairs Game" i.e. something like the phonics games on the site.
Mini Leapfrog Game:

Try Mini Island Hopping. The same as big island hopping, but the kids lay the cards out on the desk whilst saying the phrase. See who is the quickest to the far side!
"Do you have game?". With these cards you can now do it with any theme!

Please put a message on the message board if you have any other great uses for these cards! I'd love to hear them!

New Vol. 13 Minicards

New CD vol. 12 Mini Cards

Vol. 11 Mini Cards

Vol. 10 Mini Cards

Get Well Soon Colour Mini Cards Black & White Mini Cards Black and White

p̉Vol. 9 Mini Cards

Vol. 8 Mini Cards

Vol. 7 Mini Cards

These black and white cards are not featured in the "Black & White Mini Card Book". but black and white cards for the themes below are included!

Vol. 6 Mini Cards

Vol. 5 Mini Cards

Vol. 1

How much?WeatherCountriesSeasons

Vol. 2

How old are you?Fruits 1Time 1Time 2Colours 1Colours 2Where are you going?What are you doing?Family

Vol. 3

Greetings Sports TransportAdjectives 1Adjectives 2Drinks

Vol. 4

Rock Paper ScissorsBody PartsAnimals 1Animals 2Jobs 1Where's the ...?Bigger pleaseMr OctopusMerry Christmas

These cards were made thanks to lots of people writing in and requesting them. Thank you! So if you have any great ideas of things you'd like to see on the site, then please let me know! I'll try my best to help you out!

Be genki,


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