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  * Pirates with the coloured beards.
* Thanksgiving
* Gingerbread Man
* Christmas Shapes
* Christmas Tree
* Where is the spider? (prepositions)
* Let's make a monster
* Skeleton Soup - body parts
* What do you want to be ...?
* Who is in the Haunted House?


Contains everything you need for all these lessons:

Colours/Colors: Pirates with the coloured beards
 Gingerbread Man
   Let's decorate the Christmas Tree
  Christmas Shapes
   What do you want to be ... for Halloween?
  Let's make a monster
   Where is the spider? (prepositions)
 Skeleton Soup - body parts
   Who is in the Haunted House?

Full Audio Track Listing

01 Pirates with the coloured beards Mini Lesson
02 Pirates with the coloured beards Song
03 Pirates with the coloured beards Karaoke

04 Gingerbread Man Mini Lesson
05 Gingerbread Man Song
06 Gingerbread Man Karaoke  

07 Christmas shapes Mini Lesson
08 Christmas shapes Song
09 Christmas shapes Karaoke

10 Decorate the Christmas tree Mini Lesson
11 Decorate the Christmas tree Song
12 Decorate the Christmas tree Karaoke

13 Thanksgiving Mini Lesson
14 Thanksgiving Song
15 Thanksgiving Karaoke

16 Where is the spider? Mini Lesson
17 Where is the spider? Song
18 Where is the spider? Karaoke

19 Let's make a monster! Mini Lesson
20 Let's make a monster! Song
21 Let's make a monster! Karaoke

22 Skeleton soup Mini Lesson
23 Skeleton soup Song
24 Haunted house Mini Lesson

25 Haunted house Song
26 Haunted house Karaoke

Funky Bonus Tracks:
27 Coloured beards No Fun Mix
28 Thanksgiving Repeat After Me Mix
29 What do you want to be for Halloween?

P.S. the Download Pack version also includes
a couple of extra bonus tracks
that I couldn't fit on the CD!

But it's not only audio tracks, you also have the funky PC / Mac software for each theme!

The software is divided into different sections.

Talking Words
Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced.
Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure.


Talking Picture Cards:
Here you have all 8 of the vocab words on screen at once.
You can still move over them to hear them pronounced, and it is a life saver for classroom games.
Plus if you use a projector in class, you won't have to carry around all the heavy picture cards!

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director",
the kids become the center stage stars!
Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

Then the songs complete with lyrics and illustrations!
A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head.
And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there.

All the themes also have funky computer games get the kids to race against each other!
You could even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real practise with each other.

And to finish off you have the Karaoke Versions of each song

So there you go, that’s just a little bit of the fun you’re going to have with vol. 12

The ideas and songs you have here will inspire your students to try their very best to get fantastically good at English and be able to communicate with people around the whole world. 

Being a teacher is a special job, you are very special people.  Your students are very, very lucky to have you as their teacher.  You are their role model to guide them through the adventure called life, to give them the English and skills, imagination and confidence to let them make any of their greatest dreams come true.

It’s an exciting time.  The future is in your hands, we’re all here to support you. Try 100% for your students. Think “I can” and you can, if you lose, just try again. Enjoy yourself  and above all …..

Be genki,


 Here are just some of the
Readers' Comments

Dear Richard, I am speechless!!!! It is simply GREAT! - Kolinda in Croatia

Awesome. I love every bit of it. - Fantastico in Turkey

Awesome work! - Nena in Italy

Fantástico como siempre, me encanta mucho Genki English, amo Genki English - Maria in Mexico

This is absolutely amazing! I loved it. Cool characters, bright colours, catchy songs.. This is what kids need.. Can’t wait to try them in class. - Eva in Hungary

Fantastic. I love it. What a great CD. I already have two favorites: Pirates and Gingerbread Man. Your CDs should be used in all schools…the kids love Genki English. So do I.. - Betty in Germany

Genki English 最高!です
Vol.12  Coloured Beardsが特に好きです。
授業に使うのが楽しみです。 Mieco先生 in 日本

Richard, it’s been said by others but this volume is amazing! Absolutely wonderful and so much fun, the kids loved it! Especially pirates coloured beards and spider prepositions. - Sussie in Italy

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All the vol. 12 software & free CD worth of MP3s
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