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Genki English Volume 8

The basics, easy to teach, easy to learn. Two big themes, Numbers and "Do you like...?", spread out over several songs.

! Click for lesson plans, picture cards and free samples...

* Numbers 1 to 12
* How many...?
* Do you like animals?
* I like animals!
* I like vegetables.
* What's your favourite flavour?
* Numbers 13 to 32
* Hip Hop Numbers

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Full Audio Track List:

01 Numbers 1 to 12 Mini Lesson
02 Numbers 1 to 12 Song
03 Numbers 1 to 12 Karaoke

04 How many? Mini Lesson
05 How many? Song
06 How many? Karaoke

07 Do you like animals? Mini Lesson
08 Do you like animals? Song
09 Do you like animals? Karaoke

10 I like animals Mini Lesson
11 I like animals Song
12 I like animals Karaoke

13 I like vegetables Mini Lesson
14 I like vegetables Song
15 I like vegetables Karaoke

16 Favourite Flavour Mini Lesson
17 Favourite Flavour Song
18 Favourite Flavour Karaoke

19 Numbers 13 to 20 Mini Lesson
20 Numbers 13 to 20 Song
21 Numbers 13 to 20 Karaoke

Funky Bonus Tracks:
22 I like animals (slow mix)
23 Do you like vegetables?
24 Numbers 1 to 20 Hip Hop Mix
25 Numbers 13 to 32

Talking Words Page. Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced. Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure.

Talking Picture Cards: Here you have all 8 of the vocab words on screen at once. You can still move over them to hear them pronounced, and it is a life saver for classroom games. Plus if you use a projector in class, you won't have to carry around all the heavy picture cards!

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director", the kids become the center stage stars! Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

Then the song complete with lyrics and illustrations! A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head. And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there.

All the themes also have funky games ( the phonics games aren't on the CD though, those are free on the website!). The games are great to use in the computer room, simply get a student pack of CDs and get the kids to race against each other! You could even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real practise with each other.

And to finish off you have the Karaoke Versions!

The music tracks will work fine on any CD player, and Windows XP, Vista or Mac OSX is recommended for the software section. It should work fine on older machines, maybe just a little slower.
If your machine can handle the phonics quizzes on this site, then you should be OK!

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Readers' Reviews
by Flossy

As promised a review about CD8. I do not know if any of the information is helpful, but just thought I would share my ideas and success using this CD.

Numbers - Numbers 1 - 12 - This is a perfect song for young children especially as they love to remind the teacher about number 12. Some children really start to get very loud shouting out 12 and are very happy at the end of the song. I also tried it with the cards and the children had to hold up the cards, of course they are so desperate to hold up no 12.

Do you like animals - Using this along with the food songs (CD3) and the vegetable song really helps to consolidate 'like'. I used the Animal song (cd 4) to recap the names of some of the animals in this song. The carnival atmosphere to this song is wonderful. The children had musical instruments and this worked well. For cute with one group we made ears on our heads as they said the word. They all looked cute too!

I like animals - I have used this with older children and we made two lines opposite each other . Line 1 sang "I like snails", Line 2 "Snails?" ,Line 1 "Yes snails!". Then they swapped for the 2nd and 3rd animal etc. We pointed to the relevant people for him, her, me , you. The children really sang in a way that they could never like the animal from the other line and the other line sang the yes replies in a convincing voice to say of course I like this animal. Some children even had their hands on their hips and leant forward towards the other line to show they really like the animal!!

I like animals ( slow mix) - This is perfect for very young children. They just repeated the lines and then even managed to point to the right child for you, me etc. Of course him and her was hard but we played a game where I said point to him and point to her, which worked well. They then had no problem using it in the song. I did check the understanding of this using some flashcards with him or her type characters and said "him or her?" too.

I like vegetables - I used this theme before without the song. I just reintroduced the vocab and the children loved this song. My only 'moan' would have been that as I am English I have taught tomatoes in the English fashion and thought ah it is the USA tomatoes. I then thought of it as a good opportunity to show that English can be spoken in several ways too. I said about some differences in German and Austrian German. We do have a completely different word here for tomatoes so that worked well too. The graphics at the beginning is also proving to be another doctor doctor moment. At first my 4 years olds looked rather worried and I thought "oh no!" They then laughed so much and asked me to start the song again. Not sure what happens at the beginning??, you have to buy the CD and find out!

Numbers 13- 20 and 13 - 32 - These songs were just what I had been looking for. Children often get mixed up with ty and teen and often tell me they are 30! It is a good opportunity to teach the younger children the difference using the song up to 32. I suppose because you really say the teen part in a separate way it reinforces the pronunciation.

Numbers 1 - 12 Hip Hop - This is already a firm favourite. The boys seem to like this song more and really do some amazing moves. We always let Richard (CD) say the first number pattern and we sang the repeat. It is hard for some children to not sing in the first part, but good for concentration and listening skill development to make them wait!!

Flavours and How many do you have I have not used yet.

CD8 is now one of my favourites. It really has been so easy to use and really was just what I was looking for to help with numbers. The graphics are great too. Imagine being 4 years old and looking for eyes on the peas and potatoes your mum gave you for dinner!! I did say " Maybe you couldn't find any eyes because they weren't Genki vegetables!" "Which shop can my mum buy Genki vegetables from?" !!!!!! Richard???

Thanks Richard for yet another winner!!