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Phonics Game b n Phonics Game mz Phonics Game blends

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1. Talking Phonics Chart
2. Consonants Game b - n
3. Consonants Game m - z
4. Consonants Game blends
5. Consonants Game Vowels (US)
6. Consonants Game Vowels (UK)
7. Name Game Phonics Game
+ Fast and Slow ABC Phonics Songs!

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Or have a look at the Main Phonics Page - Phonics Worksheets Page or the Phonics Songs Page

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GenkiPhonics CD!

The idea of phonics is that you teach your students the various sounds that English letters have. The advantage of this over simply teaching the alphabet is that once they have mastered the main sounds, they can then read many English words!

On this page kids will find enough material to cover all the basics. So tell your students about the page so they can practise at home, it's a great way to show parents how well you are teaching them in class!

The games on here are great as the time limits really make sure the kids start listening and not just looking at the letters (hence why kids will always beat adults!). The pronunciation has no strange Japanese accents and above all they are fiendishly addictive games!

Also have a look at the Main Phonics Page - Phonics Worksheets Page or the Phonics Songs Page


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