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Here are sets of dominoes for a few of the Genki English themes. In a small class they are great conversation generators as you play. You can find them in the right hand coloum of most of the themes, just click through from the curriuclum page.

How to play:

1. Deal half the dominoes out amongst the players. Put the other half on a left over pile.

2. One person puts down one domino.

2. The next person puts down another domino that matches. e.g. if the current domino is a butterfly/cockroach, you either have to put down a domino that has a butterfly next to the butterfly or a domino that has a cockroach next to the cockroach.

3. They say the name of the animal / object they are matching. If they can't say it in English they can't put the domino down and have to pick up another one from the left over pile!

3. Keep going, each time matching the ends of the domino trail.e.g.

4. If you can't go, because you don't have a piece that fits, then you have to pick up one of the dominoes from the left over pile. ( e.g. in the example on the right above you can only go if you have a caterpillar card, or on the left example only if you have a cockroach or ant domino) ,

5. You win when you get rid of all your dominoes.

Simple and fun!

What's your favourite flavour?

( pdf, 5 pages )


( pdf, 5 pages )

Do you have any pets?

( pdf, 5 pages )

Under the Sea

( pdf, 5 pages )

There are also other sets of dominoes for Junior High School classes.

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