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Bumper eBook of Games & Ideas!

Games, activities, crafts, recipes, and more in this downloadable ebook! Get yours right now.


Heather Tanaka is a teacher in Hokkaido, Japan and she has put together all of her best games and ideas into this fantastic new book.
The printed version has been a hit seller in Hokkaido and we are very proud to present you this downloadable ebook version!

Some of the games in the book are taken from the Genki English website ( always great to have in printed form), but many of them are Heather's own original ( and excellent ) ideas. When she first sent me the book I was very impressed, hence why it's now available here! All 100+ pages are presented in very clear and easy to understand black and white English text.

The book is in zipped "pdf" format which means it's easy to download and print out. You can pay by paypal, credit or debit card from most countries.

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Free Worksheet Book

free worksheet1free worksheet 2free worksheet 3free worksheet 4free worksheet 5

Heather has also very kindly put together over 40 of her most popular worksheets. Many of these worksheets are hand drawn for that "kooky" look that kids love! The best news is that we are including this book of worksheets in with the "Big Blue Book" for free! They make the total ebook 2.7MB in size ( still quite quick to download if you have broadband), but it's a really great free gift.

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy including the FREE worksheet book today!!

Or if you would prefer to have a "real" printed book ( with Japanese translations) then be sure to have a look at Joel Bacha's "Teachers & Kids" book.

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