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Would you like Genki English in book form? Long time Genki English contributor and star of many Genki English shows, Joel Bacha, has put together his best game, lesson, and curriculum ideas in this fantastic book! Some of the ideas are from the website ( always great to have written down on paper) and there are also loads of Joel's own ideas.


Elementary School Games, Ideas & International Understanding Book

Examples: Topic Details - Example Lesson Plans

Teachers & Kids is a complete elementary school International Understanding curriculum guide that promotes the comprehension and speaking of basic English phrases and encourages thinking about other countries and cultures. The guide provides over 60 fun, student-tested, English and cultural activities and a timeline for each grade level. It includes both English and cultural topics, topic-related vocabulary & phrases, suggested activities for each topic, and example lesson plans.

Teachers & Kids was written to give ALTs and teachers ideas for lessons and for creating International Understanding curricula while they learn about the world with their students. It provides answers for frequently asked questions such as: What topics do I teach? How do I adjust topics for each grade level? What activities do I use and how do I use them with my students? etc. In addition, Teachers & Kids is written in both English and Japanese to assist communication between elementary school teachers and ALTs who are not proficient in Japanese.

Teachers & Kids was written by Joel Bacha. Joel is a former elementary school ALT who has spoken at national ALT conferences about International Understanding and worked as an elementary school International Understanding consultant. He has become a leader of elementary school International Understanding education in Japan. The Teachers & Kids curriculum guide is currently being used by elementary schools in Imabari City, in Ehime Prefecture.

gTeachers & Kids is really helpful! Not only does it provide English topics and activities, but it provides cultural ideas as well.h Imabari City 3rd grade teacher.

gThe activities and ideas in Teachers & Kids were created and practiced in actual lessons. They are made to be fun and I want to try as many of them as I can with the students.h Imabari City 1st grade teacher.

You can order your own bilingual copy of "Teachers & Kids" NOW!
The price of the bilingual "Teachers & Kids" book is only 5500 Japanese Yen ( plus postage and packing) or you can buy just the Japanese or just the English version for 2,990 Yen each + Post and Packing.


Or have a look at the theoretical basis for Joel's work in his Master's Degree paper entitled "Play and Affect in Language Learning"


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