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The Junior High Phonics Course: Foxy Phonics
UPDATE: This course has now been superseded by the new Genki Phonics Posters & Workbooks!

If you teach in Junior High School ( JHS), this book is a life saver. Over 130 phonics worksheets and spelling tests, themed to the JHS textbooks with answer keys and best of all Japanese translations of how to use them. The page design is very simple ( think "school" rather than "genki"), but it is perfect for showing your JTEs and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Developed by a a JET teacher during her 3 years in Japan, and now used in all the schools in her town, this book is sure to set JHS "katakana English" in its place.

Foxy Phonics is definitely usable as its own phonics program. If your Junior High School uses the 'One World Textbooks' though, you're in extra luck. The vocabulary was chosen to compliment these textbooks and the appendices include references based on class year and textbook chapter.

Because Foxy Phonics starts with basic phonetic sounds and builds up, this program is perfect for students at Junior High School level and even above. Remember - it's never too late to learn the basics! Plus the students can practise all the key sounds in their computer lessons with the Genki Phonics online games.

If you teach in Junior High you really have to get a copy of Foxy Phonics. The Japanese explanation of how to teach phonics is worth the price on its own. And if you teach in Senior High School it's probably worthwhile having a look too.

UPDATE: This course has now been superseded by the new Genki Phonics Posters & Workbook!

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