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How many ...?

Target English: How many .... do you have?

First of all get the English firmly stuck in the kids' heads with the "How many .. do you have?" song ( dance around in a circle singing it a few times). Then try this game.


1. Prepare several boxes or envelopes.
2. Choose a vocab theme to review e.g. pets, transport drinks etc.
3. Print out several sheets of minicards for the theme.

4. Put different amounts of each item in the boxes or envelopes e.g. in one box have 4 hamsters, but only 2 lions etc. in another box have 7 hamsters and 4 turtles and ... etc.
5. You need one envelope or box for each team, plus one extra for the teacher.
6. Try and keep the same total amount of cards in each box / envelope.

The game

1. Put the kids in groups. ( Lunch groups are good).
2. Let each group choose one box or envelope.
3. Keep one box or envelope for yourself.
4. Give the kids a few minutes to secretly count how many of each item them have.
5. Start with one team and get them to ask a question e.g. "How many rabbits do you have?".

6. All the teams, and teacher, get all their rabbit cards together and hold them above their heads.
7. All together, everyone counts out loud, nice and slowly, how many of each item they have.
8. The team with the most is the winner!
9. This team chooses the next question and repeat from 5.

Very simple, but the cool part is the strategy involved as the kids choose the questions themselves! This is a good game for after lunch when the kids don't want to run around too much.

It's also a good chance to do classroom objects such as pens, pencils etc. ( just be careful with the plural scissors, you might want to skip that one!). Instead of minicards, this time you can use the real thing!

Then you can enjoy the song again!

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