Ice Breakers!

Here are a few ice breaker games for adults.

Good for up to a dozen people.
1. Cut several pieces of string of different lengths.
2. The first person chooses a piece of string.
3. Get them to give a self introduction whilst winding the string around their finger.
4. The fun part is that some of the strings are reeeaalllyyy long, so you have to keep talking for ages.
5. Cue much laughter

Instead of saying vocab words...
1) Everyone rushes around to see how long it takes to say their name and shake hands with 5 people.
2) They sit down when they have finished. Quickest is the winner.
3) Test the winners to see if they remember the names they heard!

Slightly more involved.

1. Everyone writes down a favourite movie, song, person or food.
2. Put all the pieces of paper in a hat and everyone chooses one at random.
3. You have to find out who wrote the piece of paper you are holding by asking "What's your favourite ....?". e.g. ask everyone "What's your favourite website?" if someone wrote down "".
4. Sit down when you have found your partner.

More of a "bonding" than self intro game.

1. Put everyone into groups of 4 or 5.
2. The first person has to say either 1, 2 or 3 numbers. e.g. the first person can say "1", "1,2" or "1,2,3".
3. The next person then continues and can either say "4", "4,5," or "4,5,6" etc.
4. The person who ends up saying "12" is out!

For example:

5. Play again with the remaining players.
6. Play off the winners from each group.

Do you have any great ice breaker ideas? Please send them in!

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